Pokemon! Gotta catch ’em all!

Pokemon Go is the game of 2016. In a single month this game distroyed all other games from the market. It was that cutting age game , that in my opinion will be a start for new games that will combine real life with the game. Roy R. Dunn

Pokemon Go could be a hit, if they keep improving the game and adding some great futures like , Multiple pokemon transfer, exchange future, to beat another opponents and so on. The game is very popular now in EU and USA. That is a big deal. They succeded to have more daily active users than Twitter and Instagram. And that says somenthing about the game.

Number of Downloads

After playing Pokemon Go legit for more than 1 month, I’ve faced the fact that if I really want to catch them all, I will need some help, and I found few wasy to do that. I will write a tutorial about that and I will let you download it. I can’t write it here , as I will update it with every pokemon go update, so I need it to be quite good.  After playing pokemon go for so long time, I found what are the needs of a real player, and that you want to catch and evolve the rarest pokemon from Pokemon GO, and with this tool you can do that. I’ve developed this tool to give you the right details about any Pokemon you want . And you can even use it to add it in your account. We are still working at some futures but everything works fine. And the best thing, Pokemon Go will never be able to find out that you are using a tool. As this tool connects to the game servers and insert the details from the server directly into your account. This kind of program is hard to create so it taked us almost 1 month after the game was released to finish it. This tool may not work in some locations that the game wasn’t released untill now. I mean you know that you can get the apk or the ipa of the game, and play it even if is not lunched yet in your country. This I did also. I had the game from the first secound that was released in United States. And I’m located in Germany.
Awesome website! This helped me to find the best pokemons in Ohio! Thank you! Christine W. Lopez

I am still confused! How did you make this possible! Great services! Keep goind delivering Poke Coins for me 😀 Edward Blackstock

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Pokemon Go Pokecoins hack

The pokecoins hack for pokemon go is designed to give you unlimited pokecoins, with them you will be able to get all the things you want from the game, from pokeballs to lure or Incubators. It was a time consuming future that was very hard to add to the tool that we’ve created but after few weeks we were able to create an working version. The thing is not to abuse it. As you may be cought and we don’t want that.

Pokemon Go Location Hack

At our team we developed an emulator with a partnership from one of the best emulator companies and make it availible for the entire population. You can download it and you will be able to select a location from the map, and than walk from there. Our mai goal was to help people who don’t have a leg or they can’t walk to play the game, so they won’t be unhappy for not beeing able to catch a pokemon. With this emulator you will be able to „teleport „ and catch any pokemon you want. Please note that when you are changing location you may have a soft ban, there is a trick for that to avoid it and I will post a video below to show you how to undone this.  With this pokemon go hack mock location you won’t have problems catching pokemons as you will use your computer and your mouse. It will be very easy. Another thing that we faced from our user asking for a pokemon go cheat for android. That is a big deal as Niantic Company was very smart when they designed the game, as they know if you are using a mock location, you can bypass that by using our tool, that you will have in the guide that we will share. For iOS users you will need to jailbreack your device in order to have the same futures as you will have on the Pokemon Go cheats android.

Are you ready for an easy pokemon hunt?

There are many pokemon go cheats out there and many of you have wondering if there is a way to catch rare pokemons directly, so you don’t need to evolve them. Well you can, we will share in our pokemon go tips and tricks guide a great way to do that, and you will have in that tutorial all the tools that you will need.

Now there are many bans out there due to that Pokemon go hacks and bots, those bots that we don’t recomend, as they catch pokemons to fast, and the success rate is to good. We tested some of the best bots out there and found out that if you are making more than 200k experience/day and you catch over 1k pokemons you will get a soft ban for 24h. If that happens again you will get a permanent ban, and trust me you don’t want to lose your account. That why we don’t recommend you to use such bots. There is a way to use that bot if you use a new account and don’t care about it. If it will last you will get an account with lvl 20-30, and you are good to go, if the account don’t work, that’s it you will make another one and so on.

I will tell you another great Pokemon go cheat that can be used on Android and iOS also. If you are a new gamer, catch all the pokemons you can, but don’t power up them. And when you have like 100-200 candys for this pokemons just get a lucky egg and start evolving all that pokemons, you will make a great lvl in no time, and with that lvl you will also get great pokemons. If you find a egg, you can make it hatch faster if you leave your gps on, you may make up to 1km/h, if the gps signal si bad. Trust me I’ve tried it and works great.

Getting Pikachu in Pokemon Go at the begining.

Another great Pokemon Go cheat or you can call it a trick is at the begining if you don’t want the first 3 pokemons that will appear you can get a Pikachu like Ash did, in the tv series. All you need to do is to run 4 times from that 3 pokemons that you will get at the begining and Pikachu will appear. Than all you need to do is to catch it with a pokeball . In order to get unlimited pokeballs you can use our online tool or just get them from pokestops. There is no easy way in this game to hactch an egg, you will need to walk , or to use a tool to fake your location. We covered you and we’ve got the right tool for you. You can get it from our tutorial.

How to get Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon in Pokemon GO

There are many other tricks that I can teach you in Pokemon Go, the developer thinked at everything, so a great trick if you want to evolve Evee in Jolteon, Flareon or Vaporeon is to rename the pokemon before evolving it, so if you name your pokemon Sparky you will get a Jolteon, if you name it Pyro you will get a Flareon , and if you name your pokemon Rainer you will get that Vaporeon, after running some test we found out that Vaporeon will get you most of the evolution, as you will have the higher CP. If you don’t know CP is „Combat Power”.

If you want to know how much your pokemon will get after evolving you can use a tool that can be found for free on internet called CP Calculator. You can use it and get all the evolution tips you want to know.

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