Pokemon Go Location Hack

Hello Everyone. Today I have the occasion to tell you a little trick for pokemon go. This pokemon go location hack will allow you to travel around the world without any costs. This trick works with all android devices who supports pokemon go.

Pokemon go location hack joystick

This pokemon go location cheat works without jailbrack and if you will do the trick like I say, you won’t get banned. So first of all you will need to install pokemon go, If you don’t have it installed you can get it from Google Play, than the thing goes a little tricky. First of all you will need to allow Unknown Sources from your android security.


After this step you will need to download an app. This app is called Fly GPS 4.0.5, I will post a link at the end of the article from where to download it. After you download this app all you need to do is to enable the gps location of your phone, and open the app. After you opened the app, select the location you want to go, for example you can go to the closest Gym around you and add your pokemon there, in that way you will get pokecoins, you can get up to 100 pokecoins/day with this trick. I use this pokemon go location hack for more than 3 months and my account is safe. I have lvl 24 btw. But I didn’t play pokemon go more than 1-2h/day, I really don’t have enough time, I will upload a video with my pokedex and stats.  The trick when you change the location to often is to go at a pokestop and click on it and rotate that picture 40 times, in that way you can travel more often and get pokemons that are not in your location. I have many tricks that I need to show you guys, and I will show them in a video with a brand new account, in that way you will be sure that you get the best experience. If you don’t want to risk your main pokemon go account, you can create another account in that way you will have one account with pokemon go hacks and one legit account , that you are 100% sure that won’t get banned. With this tricks that I’m showing you in the next video I’m not 100% sure that will last forever, but I’m pretty sure that Niantic won’t find a way to bypass it.


Samsung galaxy s7 edge unknown sources

There are many ways out there to cheat in pokemon go, but I think this location hack is one of the best, as  is very hard to get cought using it. First I’ve used Bluestacks to play pokemon go from my computer and it had the location hack included, it was very easy to play, but Niantic blocked it and now it dosen’t work anymore.  Than after Bluestacks was disabled by them, I used a Rooted android phone, but Niantic banned all Root enabled devices to play pokemon go so I wasn’t able to use apps that mock my location, as there were many out there that you need root access so you can hide them for sure. That was a hard moment for me, who played pokemon go only with location cheats. Than I found an app that worked without root access and worked with pokemon go, and they never find out that I’m using a cheat, don’t think that this trick will get you LVL 30 in few days, that accounts have bots, that are custom codded and from my experience they get banned very fast. I used some of the know bots and all my accounts got banned in less than few days. So don’t even bother to try them, I think they don’t worth it.

This are the 3 steps you need to do in the app!


The best thing about this Pokemon Go Gps hack is the ability to use a joystick to walk around the place, so you won’t be stuck in the same place, and you will be able to visit as many pokestops as you can, and you will catch rare pokemons like Kangaskan or others. I was able to catch all kinds of pokemons and one of it was Dragonite, Charizard or Blastoise back in the days when pokesniper worked. Right now I’m not using any pokesnipers as I have the Pokemon go Joystick hack that helps me get all the pokemons I want. It is really great to have a tool that allow you to run after pokemons from the middle of your bed.

Here is one of the pokemons I’ve cought right now!


With this Pokemon go Joystick hack, I am able to  move in different locations without any problems, for example last week I was in France and cought a lot of MR.Mime, now, I will use it to travel in San Francisco ,as I heard that are a lot of rare pokemons there.  And I want to make another Gyrados as my current one dosen’t have a great IV, if you don’t know what is IV you can use an IV calculator , you can find it on the internet , there are many out there and they are created to tell you the best pokemon and stats you may have, it’s great if you ask me , or you can use pokemon own assistant to help you select the best pokemon!

This are the main things that I found in the pokemon go game right now, so if you really want to hack pokemon go location follow the next tutorial

How to use Pokemon Go location hack joystick

  • In order to use the fake location in pokemon go you need to download an app called Fly GPS.
  • After you download and install this app, click on Mock Location and select that app as the main app.
  • After you select it, enter in the FLY GPS app and select the location you want to be, for example Paris, France.
  • After you selected the location click on the text that show location and select GPS Service Run -> JoyStick Location Mode (Pokemon)
  • Than you can enter in the pokemon app and start playing.


If you want to have unlimited pokecoins you will need to beat gyms or use a cheat like the one from our main page: Pokemon Go Cheats

When you use the tool you will see that is easier than ever to play pokemon as you will be able to buy all the egg incubators you need, all the storage you need and more. I hope that you really enjoyed our tutorial and we will update the app as soon as it get’s a new update!